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Programmes team

The Programmes Team works in collaboration with teachers, professional experts and the Education Team on the development and delivery of Creative Education Trust’s creative curriculum, Knowledge Connected. This unique aspect of education in our schools helps Creative Education Trust students to acquire the knowledge and develop the intellectual resourcefulness and resilience of character to meet the challenges of 21st-century life and work.

The work of the Programmes Team also includes devising and planning the ambitious calendar of cross-trust sporting, performance, artistic and horizon-broadening enrichment events. This ever-growing programme is an important and well-loved part of the educational experience of Creative Education Trust students.

Marketing, communications and branding at school and corporate level are the responsibility of the Programmes Team. Creative Education Trust schools are supported by selected regional marketing agencies in the recruitment and retention of students, and on press and publicity.

The Programmes Team designs and produces internal communications events and resources across the Creative Education Trust network, including Connected, our staff magazine. It also works closely with the Estates & Facilities Team and the Board’s Estates & Property Committee to ensure that our buildings and grounds reflect Creative Education Trust’s attachment to high-quality design.