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Education team

Creative Education Trust’s Education Team supports and challenges school leaders to achieve and sustain the highest outcomes for students in all areas of school life. Shared processes are in place across our network to ensure the smooth running of Creative Education Trust schools and to enable leaders to focus on teaching and learning. The senior members of our Education Team are available at all times to Head Teachers and Principals.

The Education Team is supported by an exceptional group of former school leaders and HMI. From EYFS to Post-16, phase experts work with staff and students to ensure strong practice and effective collaboration across the Creative Education Trust network.

In our secondary schools, experts in core subjects support departments to improve teaching, learning and assessment. Creative Education Trust subject leaders work together regularly to develop the curriculum and manage the moderation of assessments across the network.

School leaders have access to the services of experienced inspectors who offer preparation for Ofsted and other accountability structures. In addition, the Education Team works closely with our Human Resources Team to ensure that Creative Education Trust leaders and teachers have access to high-grade training and development programmes.

The work of the Education Team is matched to the needs of individual schools in the Creative Education Trust network. It is practical and efficient, yet responsive to the changing needs of schools committed to continuous self-improvement. The Education Team’s work is supported by the Education Standards Committee, and by the Primary Head Teachers’ Group and the Secondary Principals’ Group, all of which meet regularly to assess progress and design the strategies to carry our schools forward.