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Safeguarding & Complaints






Safeguarding is the most important priority for any organisation working with young people.  Creative Education Trust (CET) has a tried and tested set of policies, procedures and professional training that focuses on keeping children safe and allows its Board to demonstrate that it fully discharges its safeguarding responsibilities.


There are two CET Safeguarding policy documents, which serve as an umbrella summary of the aspects of safeguarding and child protection that are common across CET; highlight the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders and signpost the reader towards specific school-based approaches. 

In addition, each academy within the Trust has an academy-specific child protection policy, which is published on their individual academy website. 

Director of Safeguarding

The Creative Education Trust Director of Safeguarding, Louis Donald, can be contacted via:   - 020 3910 9200 

The Director of Safeguarding is supported by Stacey Anderson, the CET National Safeguarding Advisor. 

Governance of Safeguarding  

The Creative Education Trust has a sub-committee of its Board for safeguarding and has identified a chairperson from its Trustees to take leadership responsibility for the Trust’s safeguarding arrangements.  

The role of the Safeguarding Committee is to provide appropriate challenge and support to the Executive and the Director of Safeguarding to ensure that they are satisfied that the trust is fulfilling its safeguarding duties identified in the statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education (2022).  

Diana Gerald, Chair of the Safeguarding Committee, may be contacted via 020 3910 9200 or by emailing  

Complaints and concerns:

If you have a concern about safeguarding in one of our schools, please report it immediately to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), whose details you will find on the school website or may obtain from reception.

All concerns will be dealt with promptly and confidentially. Should you be dissatisfied with the school’s response, you can escalate matters via the school’s complaints procedure, details of which will be found on its website.

You will also find a copy of Creative Education Trust’s complaints policy and complaints form at the bottom of this page.