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In 2021, Creative Education Trust embarked on an ambitious, Trust-wide project, to improve the impact of teaching on pupil outcomes by using research. Under the broad headings of Effective Pedagogy,
Coaching Strategies and Tackling Disadvantage, more than 20 staff applied research-informed strategies that they had read about in books, journals and blogs to their practice. Each group was supported by team of in-house experts: Nimish Lad (Creative Education Trust Curriculum and Research Lead); Isaac Howarth (Headteacher of Queen Eleanor); Dawn Ashbolt (Vice Principal at Wrenn) and David Howell (Assistant Principal at Wrenn).

Through collaborative work, based on strategies informed by research evidence, we’re developing our subject teachers into expert practitioners who understand how education improves the life chances of all the pupils we teach.


Five key ‘Action Research Projects’ took the spotlight at the Creative Education Trust’s first research showcase event on July 1st, which was attended by colleagues from across the network, including Principals and senior leaders, teachers, executives, and Board members. These projects demonstrate the breadth of research that staff have engaged with, and the practical nature of the projects which have had a direct impact on pupil outcomes.