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About our schools

Since our foundation in 2010 Creative Education Trust has grown in a gradual and considered way. We are now a network of 17 schools across the East and West Midlands and on the East coast, educating 13.500 children and young people. We are always interested to talk to schools and MATs that share our values and which might benefit from and contribute to the collective resources of the Creative Education Trust network.

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Our aims for pupils are to:

  • Raise their attainment in exams and tests through outstanding teaching
  • Make them intellectually curious
  • Increase their participation in Higher Education, Further Education, and apprenticeships
  • Ensure they develop employable skills and attitudes
  • Create rounded individuals through a wide range of extracurricular activities
  • Give them confidence in their capabilities
Sixth form education

Abbeyfield SchoolAsh Green SchoolThe Hart SchoolThe Bulwell AcademyThe Milton Keynes AcademyWeavers Academy and Wrenn School offer a post-16 education experience which is personalised to extend opportunities and transformational in broadening horizons. Students are advised by sixth-form specialists on their subject choices and supported in their options for transition to higher education, training or employment. We aim to balance wide choice with high academic expectations, keeping avenues open and pushing students to achieve what they may not at first think possible. Each sixth form is community-centred, with plentiful opportunities to demonstrate leadership and the nurture of younger peers.

Groups of students from Creative Education Trust sixth forms compete annually at the Creative Education Trust Public Speaking and Essay Writing competitions.