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14 teams of creative finalists made their way to the Milton Keynes Academy to present their world-changing ideas at the 2019 Day of Change. 

The range of proposals was a thrilling insight into the preoccupations of year 5 - their shared concerns about homelessness, health, polution and waste, access to education, the exclusion of disabled people and the state of the environment came to the fore. Following a great formula devised by 7BillionIdeas, the teams made their scripted presentations with the aid of a poster and a protototype constructed from standardised materials (a cardboard box!). The variety of solutions once again demonstrated a favourite mantra of Creative Education Trust - that although rules limit your choices, they need not limit your creativity. 

Queen Eleanor took the Best Poster prize for an alarm clock-blanket that compresses into a ball leaving you exposed; while Best Prototype went to Harpfield for the Litterbot refuse container. The Guilty Scan team from Three Peaks won Best Stall with their device to detect physiological symptoms of guilt such as blushing or raised blood pressure. Woodlands' Cyberbully Bug software that warns you in advance of nasty messages took third place, and in second, Three Peaks, for the Homeless Helper that transforms plastic waste into knitted blankets and garments. 

Congratulations to all the finalists, and to the winning team from Wroughton for Sight Heroes, a pair of technology-enabled spectacles for people suffering with partial blindness that project images directly to the cornea of the eye. Night vision is an added feature that perfectly fulfils the principle of inclusive design: by answering the needs of  'extreme users', design can be useful for everyone.  A perfect ten on the score sheet of at least one of the three judges for 'Uniqueness', 'Teamwork', ''Stall', 'Poster' and 'Prototype'!