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What matters most.

Our pupils in years 3 and 4 show us what's important to them as part of our first Primary Art Prize.

At the start of the 2023-24 school year, we launched a new programme to encourage some of our youngest pupils to consider what objects matter to them, and to learn to express this through art.

To help further develop the skills and techniques they have been learning in the classroom, we partnered with Artists in Schools to provide a two-hour workshop in school for year 4 pupils - all 260 of them! Following the workshop, each pupil chose an object or objects which represent what is important to them, before producing a drawing or painting. We left the style of the piece open to pupils to experiment further. Year 3 pupils were also invited to contribute. 

Each school whittled their entries down to five finalists in each year, before submitting them to the judging panel: Toni Bailey (Director of SEND); Lisa Berry (Head of Creative Arts at Weavers Academy); Susan Dean (artist, former teacher, and workshop leader with Artists In School); Kate Ward (Head of Programmes); and Katy Youngman (Recruitment Manager and former primary school teacher).

The judges would like to congratulate the following pupils as winners of the Primary Art Prize 2024:

  • Florence, Year 3 Harpfield Primary Academy
  • Amelia, Year 3 Queen Eleanor Primary Academy
  • Olly, Year 3 Wroughton Academies
  • Skyler, Year 4 Harpfield Primary Academy
  • Mackenzie, Year 4 Queen Eleanor Primary Academy
  • Marnie, Year 4 Three Peaks Primary Academy
  • Alexis, Year 4 Woodlands Primary Academy
  • Saira, Year 4 Wroughton Academies

Each pupils' work has been printed and will form an exhibition in each of our primary schools, in addition to our Head Office, and you can see each of the winning artworks below too! Click on the pictures to enlarge. 


Left: Florence chose to paint a tree and a rainbow "because it is just magic in a field on a sunny day."
Right: Amelia's bunny "represents the relationship of [her] and [her] little sister."

A pencil drawing of a dinosaur 

Left: Olly's dinosaur toy - 'quite old but I still love him and he makes me happy'.
Right: Skyler's representation of family was praised by judges for the picture frame layout.


Left: Mackenzie's special toy 'Bun Bun', painted with art splats "because I loved Bun Bun and art since I was a baby."
Right: Marnie drew one of her rabbits. "Whenever I am sad, she is always by my side."


Left: Alexis' detailed pencil drawing of a dragon toy he received for his birthday.
Right: Saira's paint brushes and pencils - "These are my favourite things."