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Full of ideas

A group of young students in school uniform stand smiling in front of a handmade model of the coast.

The future looks bright as we congratulate the finalists and winners of this year's Day of Change.

With prototypes, posters, and persuasively written pitches, fifteen finalist teams for our annual challenge arrived at The Milton Keynes Academy ready to tell our judges all about their 'ideas to change the world'. 

Run in partnership with 8billionideas, this programme challenges year 5 pupils from across Creative Education Trust primaries to come up with ideas and inventions that would make the world a better place.

We were delighted to welcome back Nade Ward, ex-student of Caister Academy, to tell the gathered pupils all about co-founding Socker Share - an initiative donating socks to underprivileged young footballers. Nade also joined the judging team of Laura Kay (Education Consultant at 8BillionIdeas) and Gwayne Webb (Creative Education Trust's Director of Research and Development).

During the day, each of our teams must share their ideas with the judges via posters, prototypes and presentations. It's a process that encourages allows pupils to use the strengths they know they already have, but also builds confidence to try something new. Kate Ward, Head of Programmes, feels that "it's important that we offer these opportunities to young people in our schools - to meet their peers from across the country and to try new things to help them discover what they enjoy and what they are good at."


Left: The Claw Machine team from Wroughton show judge Laura how their invention encourages people to dispose of rubbish responsibly. Right: Queen Eleanor's Help on the Way stall, showing their invention to deliver water, food and medical supplies to people living on the streets.


Left: Robot Bob Ross from the Woodlands team. Right: Robo Dog 'your friendly rubbish chomper' by Queen Eleanor.


Left: Nade Ward listens to the from Three Peaks. Right: The Greenly Machine by Wroughton.


Left: A team from Harpfield show Beti 365, their solution to space junk. Right: Team Woodlands show how the Water Wheel works to reduce coastal erosion.

Congratulations to all finalists of the Day of Change 2024. As Gwayne noted in the prize ceremony, "every one of you is already a winner, just by being here and doing what you've done." Nevertheless, prizes were still to be awarded and this year the following winners were announced:

  • Best poster: Robot Bob Ross, Woodlands Primary Academy. A trustworthy robot you can tell your secrets to, promoting and inspiring good mental health.
  • Best prototype: Greenly Machine, Wroughton Academies. A healthy snack machine, serving smoothies.
  • Best stall: Robo Dog, Queen Eleanor Primary Academy. A new way to dispose of rubbish.
  • 3rd place: Help on the Way, Queen Eleanor Primary Academy. 
  • 2nd place: Claw Machine, Wroughton Academies. A fun way to dispose of rubbish responsibly.
  • 1st place: Water Wheel, Woodlands Primary Academy. A method of reducing coastal erosion. Congratulated by the judges for 'solving a problem that was really important to pupils and the area they live in'.

Creative Education Trust would like to say thank you to The Milton Keynes Academy and Principal Gordon Farquhar for hosting the Day of Change, to Neelam, Danica, and Mackenzie of 8BillionIdeas for facilitating the day, and our year 5 teachers for supporting their pupils to create and share such wonderful world-changing ideas.