May 2013

Pass the murder ball!

Steve Brown, Team GB wheelchair rugby player and captain, will be announcing the awards at our first CEAT inter-academy day of competitive sport on 2 July. Not only that, but with two sports wheelchairs kindly offered on loan by the London Wheelchair Rugby Club at the Aspire National Training Centre at Stanmore at Steve’s request, several students will be able to try out the skills that rapidly gained notoriety during the 2012 Paralympic Games as  ‘murder ball’.

This is the first CEAT inter-academy ‘enrichment’ event, with teams from five academies convening in Rugeley to compete in a range of track and field events, football, rounders, badminton and swimming. We plan to follow up with a CEAT Day of Performance in the Autumn Term – workshops in drumming, dance, drama, comedy and other performing talent, including a special folk-song writing competition occasioned by the centenary of the birth of Benjamin Britten. Finally a Day of Service is proposed for the Spring – community service, CCF, charity-fundraising drives, etc. – activities aimed at public service, community enrichment or addressing wider-range humanitarian need.